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3 speed choices | Long Battery Life

Wake up in the morning after a complete rest. See the world with whole eyes. World-systems are betterunderstood. Feel yourself refreshed and energized

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Smart Gun
Massage Gun

Quiet & Lightweight

  • Take it anywhere, and use it at the place you want.
  • Without the inconvenience of the rattling noises.
  • Easily pick it up,its lighters weight does not seem a burden

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Quiet & Lightweight

Improve Body and Soft Tissue Health

  • Promotes circulation
  • Improves range of motion
  • Accelerates warmup and recovery
  • Helps relieve muscle soreness and stiffness

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Promotes circulation

Deep Muscle Relaxation

Stay healthy, Stay productive Feel the State of being strong and Active. A handheld device that sends pulses of pressure that penetrate deep into muscle tissue

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Body Relex Gun
Massage Gun

Hit The Target,Reach Your Goal

The energy in you motivates you to thrive. The use of the most advanced technology in its manufacturing recovers your muscles within days. You enter again in the field in such a way that your inner impatience gets satisfied which was caused due to the injury and distance from the field.

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Muscles Recovey
 Smooth Gun

5 Heads Meet Your Muscle needs

Serve you in five different ways. Possessive the capability of absorbing shocks. Made of environmentally friendly material. Provide no harm to your body. Small in size but works great

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Big Round Head
Spinal head
Bullet head
Flat head
Small Round HEad
Straight head
Body Relief

Long Battery Life

works up to 6-8 hours per full charge. Battery work for long hours. Utlize it until you feel relax.If you work out a lot and often experience muscle soreness, this percussion massager will speed-up your recovery while relieving pain.

Smooth Relex Muscles

Features & More

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  • Very Low Noise

  • Deep Massage

  • Long Battery Life

  • Massage Heads

  • Handheld

  • 30 speed options.

  • Noise Level: 40db

  • Capacity: 2500mA

  • Time: About 8 hours

  • VF 400-3200rmp