Air purifiers for room purify the air at only 25dB quiet creates a restful and smoothing environment without disturbing your learning, working or sleeping.

  • Body Control
    Human Body Control
  • Long Life
    Long Service Life
  • Delayed Startup
    Delayed Startup
  • Anticreep
    Upgrade Anticreep
  • UV Lamp
    Efficient Uv Lamp
  • Kills Germs
    Kill 99.97%
    Air born contaminates
  • Voice Control
    Voice Control
  • Smooth & Smart
    Smooth & Smartest
Led Outdoor Solar Light
Lightup you Way Home

Solar outdoor lights converts sunlight into electricity during daytime and auto turn on at night. Super solar energy; solar polysilicon, fast charging speed, high photoelectric conversion Rate and more durable light

Solar Light
Bug Zapper Light Bulb
Safe & Environmental-friendly.

2 in 1 Light Bulb & 2 Modes Bug zapper bulb can be used as normal light bulb as well as a mosquito killer lamp.

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Bug Zapper Light Bulb