Purifier White Purifier Black

Circulate Air 5 Times

4 Type fan Speed

Bluetooth Speaker


Hepa & Activated Carbon Filter

Negative Ion

Hepa Filter Air Purifier

for Extra Large Room

More Power, More Space
Circulate air up to 5 times an hour so you can relax & breathe easy, knowing the air in your home is cleaner, and contains fewer allergens, bacteria’s & viruses.
  • LED Light
    LED Light
  • Time Controller
    Time Controller
  • Wifi Enable
    Wifi Enable
  • Voice Controller
    Voice Controller
  • Bluetooth Speaker
    Bluetooth Speakers

Multi Colors
Capture 99.97% of Airborn Contaminats
Particulate matter above 0.3m can be filtered out, with the once through filtration efficiency greater than or equal to 99.5%
Easy to use features and powerful purification into a small frame that is sure to fit wherever you put it
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