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Get yourself ready to experience the real world by WBM Smart at CES 2022, based globally on the IOT of smart innovations taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada from 5th January to 8th January 2022.

After successfully launching the Smart award-winning designs in Europe and Asia, now we are coming back with the smart innovations for your future home. We are returning this year with the newest innovative smart home appliances. We are determined to manufacture smart products with the latest technology that simplifies your life. By identifying the opportunity gaps, WBM Smart fills your home with smart designs for great quality experiences. With the global IOT and artificial intelligence, we provide you with a complete solution for your future connected home.

With award-winning designs from your bedrooms to kitchen and bathroom and many more, we drive innovations to make the world a safer, smarter and healthier place for you. WBM Smart shares the future vision at CES 2022 while introducing innovative designs and continuing to innovate by smart solutions that are intelligently connected and flexible to make your life seamless. With the smart innovative designs at CES 2022, these innovations will resonate the customer’s satisfaction while saving your money and time. At CES 2022, we focus on the people, environment and society providing our customers with the latest technologies for a better future.

WBM Smart continues to invest in more innovations adapting to smart lifestyles and personalized user experiences at CES 2022.


WBM Smart 4K Ultra-Short Throw Projector

Get a cinematic view in your homes with this award-winning design that uses fire sticks to control through voice commands. This space-saving design gives the comfort of theater at your home by placing the projector 7 inches away from the wall that projects a display of 120 inches. The biggest announcement was the Ultra Short-Throw Projector that breaks all the records of other brands at the Consumer Electronics Show. WBM Smart’s edge-cutting Short-Throw Projector gives cinema-quality 4K laser projection.

Massage Gun

WBM Smart Percussion Massage Gun

This patent design of the Fascia Massage Gun features 3-speed gears for different purposes. 2000 rpm gear to relax your muscles. 2500 rpm for the decomposition of lactic acid and 3200 rpm for professional-grade massage of the muscles. With the 6 interchangeable massage heads, relax your body muscles by targeting the specific body parts with various vibration speeds. This mini-pocket fascia massage gun is battery-powered, portable and time-saving. Adding convenience and quality of the smart products at the same time with the quality of life.


WBM Smart Thermal Cooker

Experience the complete smart home solutions for your connected home. This smart design makes your life better with the 28-in-1 multi-function thermal cooker that provides convenient, intuitive and seamless user interaction with the global range of IOT smart products. A digital display of 7 inches indicates all the functions of the thermal cooker that makes your home secure, smart and unique!

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