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WBM 4K UMAx Laser TV Home Theatre Projector, 4K, HDR10, Ultra Short Throw,Voice control | Color Gamut 130% |High color gamut ,Ultra short focus technology, Artificial intelligence,Front Desk, Rear Desk, Front,Ceiling Mounted, Rear,Ceiling Mounted

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  • Ultra Short Throw Project a 120 inch picture from only 7 inches away from the wall
  • Ultra short focus technology
  • 4K Image quality
  • Green eye
  • Telephoto high luminous efficiency technology
  • Artificial intelligence
  • UMAX Living room cinema system
  • Feast Your Eyes on

Ultra Short Throw

Project a 120 inch picture from only 7 inches away from the wall


Laser TV / 4K, HDR10 / Voice control / Color Gamut 130%
Using the three layers eyes protection technology, the 550-level optical film blocking 99.99% blue light technology is
combined with the visual function blue light of the high-energy short-wave from the light 'source, and the secondary
reflection imaging with high gain protection screen of the stun particles, like natural light, and protect your eyes in
real time.         

Optical Parameters:

Light Source: LaserResolution: 3840 x 2160 
Color Gamut: 130%DMD Chip: ECD S410 0.47"4K
Brightness: 25001mThrow Ration: 0.21
Light Source lifetime: 25000 hoursContrast: 15000:1
Display: DLP (digital lighting process)Display Size: 100" (80-150" adjustable)

Electrical Parameters:

Voltage: AC220 50HzNoise:32dB(A) 2m
Power Consumption: 310w (W/0 audio)Standby Power Consumption:0.5W

Laser Projector:

Color: WhiteMaterial: PC+ABS
Size: $480*171.5mmNet Weight: Appox. 12.92Kg
Focusing: Motor FocusingProjection Mode:Front Desk, Rear Desk, Front/Ceiling Mounted, Rear/Ceiling Mounted

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