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Smart Sterilized Cat Toilets pure and Fresh and Remove Odor + Antiviral

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  • Dust box uv UVC efficient sterilization

To fall into the dust box of feces ultraviolet sterilization, ultraviolet radiation can destroy parasites, bacteria and virus DNA and RNA, can quickly kill toxoplasma, salmonella, coronavirus, chlamydia and other risk source of infection.

  • Hold antibacterial deodorant 2 ozone molecules.

The ozone sterilizing and deodorizing system developed in the cabin is to further reduce the risk of breeding bacteria in the use of cat litter and bring a "clean and healthy" environment for love and pets. At the same time, Fresnel ultra-thin lens and infrared sensor are adopted to sense the time when pets come in and go out in real time. After pets leave, active oxygen is released actively, making the cleaning effect better.

Help the human to fight bacteria and viruses

The presence of large amounts of bacteria and parasite eggs in the pet feces, cat feces may contain as many as hundreds of varieties in bacteria and parasites. Prevention is most shovel excrement officer among them can have serious consequences for human toxoplasma and salmonella. intelligent sterilization cat toilet using ultraviolet ozone + double sterilization technology. Pet after leaving the toilet, the cat toilet will be fully disinfection, dust from the cabin to box for inactivated bacteria, parasites, viruses, and the loss of vitality and fertility, removal rate of > 99.9%.

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